July 6, 2009

Sweet Bread

Cris’ Bread Recipe (Sweet Or Salty)
Lindsay Walden
1 can sweet condensed milk (or plain milk if salty bread)
4 eggs
1 can warm water (same amount as sweet condensed milk)
2 packs of fleischman baking yeast
½ can of oil

Mix everything in blender, then put in a plastic baking pan and add flour little by little (8 cups). Spray Pan in two cookie sheet pans, make bread shapes (about 4 breads) and leave it out till it doubles in size.
Before putting in the oven, carefully brush the breads with 2 egg yolks (so it doesn’t punch the bread). Then sprinkle sugar on top (if making sweet bread).
Bake for 25-30 minutes at 345˚F, or until it gets golden.

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